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For all pay-per booking offers, the conditions in effect at the time of acceptance of a booking apply to any prior agreement between us and you regarding your use of the site. You agree that, with respect to the personal data of other users that you receive directly or indirectly from the website or through communication, transaction or software, we have only authorized the use of this information for the following purposes: (i) site-related communications that are not unwanted commercial messages, (ii) the use of services offered on the site , and (iii) to inform or facilitate a financial transaction between you and the other user for the purpose of the site`s purpose (for example. B, request or book a property or charge a personal credit card). Any other purpose requires the express permission of the user. They cannot use this information for illegal or unlawful purposes. By submitting or authorizing the user`s content, you grant us, as well as to our related companies, an indeterminate, worldwide license, irrevocable, unlimited, non-exclusive, free and fully paid for the use, copy, license, sublicensing (multi-level), adaptation, distribution, advertising, public representation, reproduction, transfer, modification, processing and other use of the copy, photos and similarities (if any) of your content associated with our company or company. Regardless of the above, we will not continue to display the content that the user has posted in such an offer at the end or expiry of a real estate list. In approving arbitration under THE AAA rules, the parties agree, among other things, that the arbitrator, and not any federal, state or local jurisdiction, or agency, has the exclusive power to rule on objections to the existence, scope or validity of the arbitration agreement or the arbitration of a claim or counterclaim.31 Payment requirements; Bank and credit card charges. There are only limited ways for a member to use our trademarks or logos in conjunction with a list without express written permission.

Below are general guidelines. As a general rule, you can refer to HomeAway or the name of one of our affiliate sites on which you list your property in a way that can be listed in your on-site offer or other authorized communications. For example, you can say “Look at my holiday home on HomeAway” or “I list properties on HomeAway.” However, you should not refer to HomeAway or any of our related companies in any way that could lead anyone to believe that your business, property, offer or website is sponsored, linked or supported by HomeAway or any of our affiliates. For example, you can`t say “HomeAway sponsors my apartment” or describe your property as “HomeAway s the best apartment.” You cannot use the name HomeAway or the name of our affiliates on another website that lists vacation apartments without our prior written permission. Members also agree that they are responsible for all laws, regulations, regulations or regulations applicable to the list of their rental properties and the performance of their rental activities and undertake to comply with all laws, regulations, regulations or other requirements regarding taxes, credit cards, data and privacy, authorization or licensing requirements. , shingle regulations, compliance with safety rules and compliance with all anti-discrimination and fairness laws, if any. Please note that, even if we are not involved in a rental transaction and do not assume responsibility for complying with the legal or regulatory provisions relating to rental properties listed on the site, there may nevertheless be circumstances in which we are required by law (as we can see at our sole discretion) to provide information on your list in order to obtain requests from additional government agencies.